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Bespoke Process

To ensure you receive the utmost attention, we recommend scheduling an appointment in advance. By doing so, you gain the advantage of priority over walk-in visitors. This approach permits us to allocate the necessary time and resources to cater to your specific requirements, providing you with a tailored and personalized service. Booking an appointment with us not only secures our availability but also guarantees that you receive the exceptional attention and service that define our brand.

Your Initial Consultation with Our Expert Tailor

When you step into our establishment, unless you already have a clear vision, your initial visit commences with a personalized style consultation. During this session, we will engage in a collaborative discussion about your style inclinations, the particular event your attire is intended for, your daily routine, occupation, existing attire in your wardrobe, and more. This comprehensive exchange of information equips us with a profound understanding of your requisites, enabling us to provide precise and modern advice regarding your style preferences.

Following the consultation, we will take your precise measurements and adeptly guide you through the pivotal phases of the custom tailoring process. This entails perusing our extensive assortment of fabrics and meticulously tailoring every facet of your clothing to your specifications. Your individualized particulars and preferences will be securely stored within our database, ensuring effortless reordering in the future.

First fitting

You can anticipate a preliminary garment fitting within just two business days following our initial consultation. During this initial fitting, you’ll have the chance to try on a partially assembled version of all your clothing items. This stage is designed to allow you to experience the garment, which will be loosely stitched at this point. The primary purpose is to ensure that we have accurately interpreted your desired fit and to address any possible issues in the early stages. Following this, your second fitting will be scheduled and prepared within the subsequent three business days.

Second, Final fitting

For uncomplicated pieces like shirts and trousers, the second fitting typically serves as the final fitting. However, more intricate items such as suit/tuxedo jackets, blazers, and overcoats might necessitate an extra fitting. If a third fitting is required, it presents an opportunity for meticulous adjustments and subtle refinements.

Following these final refinements, our dedicated team conducts a thorough inspection of your garments. Once the finishing touches are in place, we will present you with your meticulously crafted garments, accompanied by the remaining balance of your bill. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to delivering garments that reflect our commitment to quality and style.