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Travel Tips: How to pack tailored clothes, caring for them while traveling.

How to Pack, Clean, and Care for Your Clothes When you Travel

The Suitcase Curse

My last business trip was a disaster. Not the deals, not the jet lag – the clothes. Imagine this: I flew in, suit crumpled like I’d slept in it (which, honestly, I almost had), fancy cashmere sweater sporting a suspicious coffee stain, and a general aura of disheveled slob. Not a good look when you’re trying to seal the deal.

That’s when I decided, enough was enough. I’m the guy who invests in quality threads, gets his stuff tailored… I was going to master the art of packing without destroying my wardrobe in the process. So, here’s what I learned the hard way (plus a little wisdom from some seasoned travelers):

Step 1: The “What the Hell Do I Bring?” Panic

Don’t be that guy who brings seven floral print shirts on a week-long trip. Stick to one color scheme – black, navy, neutrals for the win. They work for business meetings, dinners, and let you mix and match like a pro. Plus, no one notices if you re-wear the same damn pants three times.

Also, ditch the wrinkle-prone stuff. Merino wool, linen – these fabrics can take the suitcase beating and still look fresh. And for the love of all things holy, invest in garment bags and shoe trees for any fancy suits or good shoes. No one wants to iron a three-piece in a cramped hotel bathroom.

Step 2: Suitcase Tetris, Travel Edition

Shoes always go on the bottom, boys. Not rocket science. Stuff ’em with socks and ties to save space. Then, roll most of your clothes. It’s space-efficient AND prevents wrinkles, mostly. Cashmere and anything delicate still gets folded, though.

Suits are the real puzzle. Turn that jacket inside out, sleeves in. Fold it in half along the back, then in half again. Lay that baby flat in your case, don’t jam it next to your sneakers. Pants? They’re usually fine if rolled.

Bonus tip: Toiletries are your secret weapons and your worst enemy. Pack ’em strategically, or you’ll be sporting a lovely shampoo-splosion ensemble.

Step 3: Laundry Isn’t Just For Home

You’ll need travel-size detergent because spills happen. And sometimes, your nice clothes just get a bit funky. You can always wing it with the hotel iron, or if you’re desperate, hang your stuff in the bathroom while showering. Steam works wonders (who needs fancy steamers anyway?)

Drying is trickier. Towels are your friends – roll your wet clothes in ’em to squeeze out excess water before hanging. Pro tip: thinner stuff dries faster, obviously.

Caveat: dry-clean-only items are still dry-clean-only, even on the road. Mess up your good suit, and you might be shelling out for emergency hotel cleaning service. Don’t be me at the start of this tale.

The Takeaway

Look, travel can be chaotic. But with a bit of planning, you can arrive looking sharp without sweating the wrinkles too much. Invest in decent luggage, pack smart, and embrace the occasional sink laundry session. The more you do it, the easier it gets, so trust me – practice makes perfect.

Now, if only I could master the art of not losing my passport…

At His & Her Tailor House Chiang Mai, we craft your garments for a perfect fit and lasting style, but keeping them looking sharp on the move takes a little extra know-how.

Let’s help you avoid our client’s travel mishaps (thank you Mike), Here are our top tips for packing and caring for your tailored treasures, especially when travelling:

Top 5 Packing Tips for custom tailored clothing:

  1. Garment Bags & Shoe Trees: Invest in quality garment bags to protect suits, dresses, and delicate items. Shoe trees prevent crushing and maintain the shape of your dress shoes.
  2. Strategic Layering: Place shoes at the bottom, stuff them with socks and accessories. Roll most casual wear and fill the gaps. Lay suits flat on top, folded gently with the jacket inside out.
  3. Fabric Choice: Opt for wrinkle-resistant fabrics like wool, linen, or blends. Minimize high-maintenance items that require special care.
  4. Tetris Packing: Efficiently use every inch of your suitcase. Think layering, rolling, and strategic placement of items.
  5. Toiletries as Foes: Pack toiletries separately and strategically within your luggage. A rogue shampoo leak can ruin your tailored outfits.

Top 5 Caring Tips for customer tailored clothing:

  1. Shower Steam Magic: Hang wrinkled clothes in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. The steam gently relaxes creases.
  2. Portable Steamer for Stubborn Wrinkles: A travel-sized steamer can tackle creases that the shower steam couldn’t handle.
  3. Pack Travel Detergent: Be prepared for spills and unexpected stains. A small bottle of good quality detergent can work wonders.
  4. Towel Drying Hack: Wring out excess water from wet clothes by rolling them in a towel and squeezing tightly. Speeds up the drying process.
  5. Know Your Fabrics: Delicate fabrics like silk might need professional dry cleaning even on the road. When in doubt, find a local tailor.

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